Update on Ferrisburgh Update!

The Friends of Ferrisburgh are urging artists and other concerned Vermonters to come to the Zoning Board Public Hearing, Wednesday, Feb 4th at 7:00 PM in the Ferrisburgh Town Hall and voice our opinion--no Mcdonalds/truck stop/parking lot needed on this beautiful historic stretch of Route 7!


  1. Susan,
    Has Richard given you any read on the make-up, leanings, etc., of the F. Zoning, Planning Boards?

    And won't outsiders tick them off. (I've known that to be the case more than once!)

  2. Yep, he lives in Ferrisburgh. I think "outsiders" have a right to voice an opinion on development, especially on a major corridor like Route 7. Also depends on how their opinion is voiced--speaking from one's own point of view and concerns, rather than telling locals what to do. And community groups trying to make a point always welcome warm, silent bodies.